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Thought Leaders Business Lab

May 31, 2020

How can you, as a leader get your idea out of your head and into someone else’s so that they can “see” what you are saying?

In this episode of the Thought Leaders Business Lab, Todd shares his four-part framework on VisuaLeadership.  He talks about the power of visual thinking in leadership in order to improve understanding and engagement across your organization.

Through his methodology, he uses visual thinking to leverage the power of mental models, visual imagery, metaphor or analogy, and storytelling to more effectively and efficiently manage and lead your people.

Know your vision and have the right tools to turn it into reality.


  • Picture superiority effect (6:19)
  • Dual Coding Theory (6:41)
  • What is Visual Leadership? (6:54)
  • What does it mean to have a leadership vision? (7:36)
  • Learning curves for leaders (10:04)
  • The burden of miscommunication (10:34)
  • The four-part framework of Visual Leadership (10:51)
  • #1 Visual Images and Drawing (13:11)
  • #2 Mental Models and Frameworks (15:56)
  • #3 Metaphors and Analogies (22:36)
  • #4 Storytelling and Humor (14:25) (27:05)
  • The beginner’s mind (18:50)
  • Storytelling and story listening (29:39)

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